Monthly Archives: June 2017

We Moved Because We Wanted to Have Fabulous Food Again

I had always wanted to visit Las Vegas, but I’ve never really made any move towards doing so. My husband had never done so either, but one day he learned at work that his company was going to have a conference there. I went as his guest and loved exploring the city. We soon started looking for apartments in Southwest Las Vegas which is also something that we never thought we would be doing, just as we hadn’t really made plans to visit there. We were thrilled about the fact that was loved the area because we had been very bored with where we had been living for a long time.

When my husband was at his business conference during the day on our trip, I set out on foot on the Vegas Strip to check out all that it had to offer. Wrongly assumed that they were only casinos there to visit. But there’s so much more. You can even go to an aquarium and a small zoo on the strip. The food at the restaurant there is absolutely amazing and like nothing else that I’ve tasted in my life.

There Are Great Tips for Rental Property Owners

I used to be really nervous when I had to find a new tenant for one of my houses. That was back when I only had two rental properties, and I had no way of knowing if I was getting a good tenant or a nightmare one. Thankfully, I never had anyone too bad, but I still heard plenty of horror stories to be wary of it happening. I decided to do a search for rental housing tips one day, and that is how I found the online journal that has made renting my properties out so much easier.

I learned so much about rental properties through this property management journal website, and I was extremely grateful for finding it because it helped me in so many different ways. First off, I am old school, but I am learning to adapt to more modern ways because I am renting to younger people more often. I had gone from having just two rental properties to having a dozen, and only two of them have older couples in them.