I Got My Older Sister’s Apartment!

Looking for apartments for rent in New Haven CT was an obvious choice for me. I’m off to school at Yale and I come from a family where my father, my mother, and my older sister all attended the school. Obviously, I’m a legacy student. It wasn’t hard to get accepted especially when you consider my father is rather wealthy and always makes sure to contribute money to the school. Another interesting thing about my family is that none of them stayed on campus when the attended school. Living off of campus and focusing on studying runs deep in this family.

My sister, who is four years older than me, just graduated and is off to graduate school in England. The apartment she lived in is, I must say, highly desirable. I have visited her many times over the four years she attended Yale and always envied her living arrangements. I thought many times how great it would be if I could just move right in as soon as she left. It really made sense. I floated the idea with my father, who is paying for the place, and he thought it was a good idea as well.

It turns out that moving in was as easy as, well, just moving in and getting the keys to the place. Since it’s in my father’s name nothing had to be changed. He just kept paying the rent and I even kept most of the furniture my sister had purchased. She didn’t want to take it overseas and it will be waiting for her when she comes back. As for the apartment complex itself, I couldn’t live in a better place. So many students live here it’s just amazing and I’ve made plenty of friends. Living here for the next four years is going to be like a dream!